Broccoli and Tomato: and their cancer-fighting components

@jlamela (4909)
June 19, 2011 6:58am CST
I've read from yahoo news a week ago that Broccoli and tomato are perfect combinations to wind off cancer-causing cells. In a study conducted by scientists, it was revealed that the phytochemicals found in Broccoli and tomato work best if two eaten together than separately. So right now, I am cooking both Broccoli and Tomato to make myself healthy all the time. Broccoli and Tomato are very rich in antioxidants also which fight free-radicals in the body. Free-radicals contributed largely to premature aging.
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• Philippines
20 Jun 11
Hi jlamela! I love broccoli and tomato as well. It is my first time to have read that if these two would be eaten combined, it is best to fight off cancer-causing cells. On the other hand, I have known that the duo are good anti oxidants that fight off free radicals. This is a new findings from various researches conducted? Though, it seems so many findings have been discovered out of researches made, I'm just wondering how many more would come out and later on, being disagreed or disputed by other sectors. Be it as it may, I still would continue eating the two veggies, combined or not, after all, it boils down to "veggies being good for everyone's health".
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
2 Jul 11
I regularly eat broccoli and tomato too, well I find broccoli very delicious especially if it is steamed with olive oil and garlic. Vegetables and fruits are beneficial to our health.
@marguicha (102234)
• Chile
19 Jun 11
Let us eat them then. I love tomatoes and broccoli and although it´s Winter here and tomatoes are not the best, I can still get some that come from the north of my country. They are more expensive yet they are affordable.
@km2011 (28)
• Philippines
18 Jul 11
I'll try this one out! will sauté broccoli and tomato in olive oil...and maybe add a bit of italian herbs...guess that'll be yummy eh? :)