what do you think of the jonas brothers ?

United States
June 19, 2011 12:16pm CST
hi what do you think of the jonas brothers when they've 1st featured out and then after the change to disney's style and now playing a more mature music ???? do they sucks or are they great ???
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• Philippines
19 Jun 11
i was a big fan when i was around 18 and i still like their music so i dont think they dont suck but i cannot say they are great too.. just so-so.. they are cute too and good actors..
• United States
19 Jun 11
oh nice :) me i've started listening at the min 2005 or 6 i guess-- i've liked it , but as people i've met always says they suck i was a bit confused ,like maybe i've got no musical ears !!--- thank you for your opinion: ) -= == for acting i'm not that fan , but they've got good voices specially nick :)
• Philippines
21 Jun 11
well, most people would compare them with other singers but they forgot that they are young teens and what i appreciate the most is that some of their songs and composed by them. what makes them popular is i think because they are siblings who has the talent. my fave is nick jonas as well, he plays piano, guitar and drums so he is so talented and has a good voice.