Improvement over Democracy

June 19, 2011 4:17pm CST
Democracy has a purely quantitative approach ignoring quality of its constituents. This makes intellectuals disinterested in democratic processes like elections, wherein they are treated at par with even totally illiterate and foolish citizens. As a result, political power in democratic countries has slipped to the hands of mediocres which is proving a curse to the whole humanity. For drawing intellectuals back to politics, I devised an improved political philosophy - 'Intellocracy', various provisions of which are discussed at -
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• Guam
29 Jun 11
I prefer a Theocracy. No need to pay taxes to a King/Govt. Allegiance belongs to God's moral code. Judges are selected amongst a community of people who they believe has strong moral conduct in God's eyes. I believe in OT. Democracy is crazy right now. Our democracy has become an Oligarchy.
• India
2 Jul 11
Since theism is the greatest fraud against humanity and works against evolution of human intellect to higher levels through imposition of faith mechanism, theocracy shall prove to be the wors form of government.