Who will be the next Stanley Cup winner?

June 19, 2011 6:18pm CST
I want to know who everyone thinks will win the cup next year. I want to be hopeful and say Edmonton but I know that isn't gonna happen so I'm gonna say that the team to win the 2012 Stanley Cup (if the world doesn't end before the final) will be Winnipeg!!!! I think that Winnipeg will have beginners luck and go all the way in their first year! Now wouldn't that be something.
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• United States
19 Jun 11
I don't know I think Vancouver will be back in the hunt. But I am biased I am a Boston fan, and if we don't loose anybody to free agency I think we have a good shot to repeat.
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• Canada
20 Jun 11
Its been a while since anyone won the cup back to back and it would be awesome to see Boston win it again. I think that Vancouver will do the same thing that they always do: dominate the regular season and then fail horribly in the playoffs.
• United States
24 Jun 11
I like the Chicago Blackhawks because you could tell how hungry and angry they sounded when Vancouver kept advancing. The team has some very driven players like Toews and Bolland. Both were very vocal to the media about hating the Canucks and rooting for Boston. A lot of Chicago's star players struggled after winning, especially Duncan Keith. The Cup hangover is real. Players that win are little more fatigued and more subtle to injuries. The Hawks had a boat load of injuries that buried them. It buried them because they traded all their depth that offseason to clear capspace. Training and rest in the offseason is important. Both Vancouver and Boston will feel it even if their roster is fully intact. Chicago didn't have the depth they've been accustomed to in previous seasons but the cap went up so they will be able to add the depth they need. Chicago struggled most of the year on the penalty kill. They sort of ironed that out toward the end of the season. They were weak physically. They lost a lot of puck battles. They had problems with consistency. Chicago has no problems scoring. I think they had the 2nd ranked power play. The defense really struggled. Keith had to play a lot of extra minutes because of injuries. He was really fatigued and it showed in his play. They didn't have a worthwhile 6th D-man. Leddy sort of emerged though. They need to find a physical 6th D-man. They have many D prospects available. I like Chicago because they went through a lot last season and almost upset Vancouver. The hunger is there again. Kane was a point per game player and they say it was an off year for him. Keith won't have another off year. By their interviews. They just sound so determined to play better. Hossa needs to stay healthy though. I think LA made a push to be a better team with the Richards trade. I say they're at least another year from truly competing. Vancouver will struggle but their division is so weak I can't see them not winning. They will be a weaker team though. San Jose still can't shake the choke moniker. LA might be better than Detroit at this point. Best teams in the West Van Chicago San Jose Detroit LA The East has some strong teams but the West has more competition. Made stronger thanks to Philly. Caps are the San Jose of the East. I like Pittsburgh especially if they are healthy. I think the Flyers shock a few people and have a great season. Montreal misses the playoffs. Best teams in the East Caps Boston Pittsburgh Lightening Flyers
• United States
3 Aug 11
Not to sound like a homer, but watch out for the Sabres. They have actually decided to put a defense in front of Ryan Miller this year and are willing to spend whatever it takes to acquire the parts needed to make a great team. The farm system is also fairly well stocked which will provide either cheap talent to compliment the huge contracts or can also be used to acquire veterans if the Sabres find themselves in urgent need of a part to win now.
• United States
31 Aug 11
Wow!!!!! What a slap in the face to Atlanta! I can't say. My heart wants a Canadian team to win it! I started watching hockey in earnest in 1997-1998! I haven't seen the Cup hoisted in Canada. I was hoping The Canucks would have done it last year. All I ask is that they don't beat my caps to do it. If no Canadian team makes it , I wuld love to see a rematch of my first Final, Caps vs Red Wings. But this time, I want The Caps to win. Yes you can say it " Homer"! Lol!
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• Latvia
31 Aug 11
In my opinion Vancouver was the best team last year, lets see what they got this year.