Love Perfection.......

June 20, 2011 7:49am CST
Why no one just hate to love? why every one think that what they are choosing is the perfect one?
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• India
20 Jun 11
Love is blind you know
@shrijsr (577)
• Bangalore, India
20 Jun 11
Hello ripanb, A hearty welcome to the mylot family. Hope you stick around and have fun here! Well, your question is something that everyone would have or will be asking themselves or their closes one's at least once in their lifetime! Love, it is the sweetest pain that everyone comes across. "Hate to love". I din't understand this. Why would anyone hate to love when it could bring all your world together in just a few seconds and when it can give you all the happiness in the world? I wouldn't hate happiness, ultimately, all we want is to be cared and pampered by someone and have someone with us who is there with us always, no matter what we are having, what we are not having, what we are going through. Some one who takes care of everything about us. Someone who knows every little detail of us, not because they keep tracking us down, just that the person doesn't want to miss even a little bit of our life! Don't you think life is so beautiful to have all these, and all these comes only when you love. If someone is telling I hate love, then the person in telling that he hates happiness. And the other question you have mentioned here is interesting! The one they choose is the perfect one. That is cent percent true. We find the person we love as the best because, he/she you love is that one person, to whom you give millions and trillions of second chances, no matter how much wrong they are and how much they hurt you. Ultimately, you need that person because this person is the one who fulfills your life and this is that person who makes your life completely blank when not with you! So, irrespective of what the person is, how he is, good ot bad, we do feel that our love is the best person and the perfect one because your life feels just perfect when you are with him/her. Cheers! have fun!