Become a DJ

June 20, 2011 2:23pm CST
I'm planning on to become a DJ, i do know some things and i used some DJ programs on my computer to and i enjoyed it. But my question is, what would you take, an big dj set (2 turntables and a mixer) or a DJ set (has 2 turntables and a mixer but it's small) I can't decide yet, also an DJ set is way cheaper than a big DJ set. What do you think that i should take?
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• India
21 Jun 11
Buy the big one if u'r really paasionate about it and want to take it up professionally......
• Netherlands
21 Jun 11
Yeah i'm planning to take it up professionally so i'll go for the big one. Thanks for your comment to.
• United States
20 Jun 11
@gracia90 Try this program Musagi its fully functional and has really cool features for external instruments especially when it comes to the file format(s) basically giving you the power to make your own instrument in diverse ways. In short it only takes a program to be a DJ turntables can be inter-graded into a computer by using digital turntables try this model SL-DZ1200 its expensive but worth it. Don't think of being a DJ is like being a dragon slayer
• Netherlands
21 Jun 11
Thanks, i 'll check the program and the turntables out. Thankyou for your comment!
27 Feb 12
equipment is NOT a necessity. its the music you play and the set you deliver that is what matters. heres a example. 4 nights a week i dj at a small nightclub with only my laptop and occasionally i use there numark cdmixers, but most of the time its just my laptop running virtual dj 7. the crowd love it, however when i go to my saturday set i get to play with my pioneer cdj 1000's with my korg zero4 mixer. each cdj is linked to its own external hdd, (2 500gb) and occasionally i'l take my laptop down and link them to that. the fact is that yes its more professional and you get a bigger buzz. you can still dj with just a laptop. you dont need to go buying all the equipment untill you actually have some experiance. reason for this.. if it fails, you have waisted alot of money. aswell it saves your pride, i know many people who just start off. buy a load of really expensive gear but dont know how to mix or use there equipment. they look stupid, it really is noticable. stick with minimal, until your slightly reconised then start to expand. thats your best bet
• Romania
27 Jun 11
Well, if you afford it, go for the big one. You'll use it for a longer period before needing to buy a new one.
• Philippines
24 Jun 11
Try using virtual dj or audacity i was using those programs to mix some song and musics and it is pretty easy to use
• Netherlands
23 Jun 11
I have got just a small mixer (3 chanels) and a double Numark cd player! It works fine and I don't have to spend a lot of money. Only when you want to mix in front of people I would defenitely buy bigger cd players those are important! a mixer could be as easy as you wan't it. But cd players makes the different. But for at home I just try to be as good as can be with the pitcher! That makes a DJ a DJ ;)