Notes Got Deleted!

@kolsti87 (522)
United States
June 21, 2011 12:51am CST
tl;dr The notes in my iPhone got deleted. How do I get them back? Alright so I have a bit of a predicament. I keep some very important notes on my iPhone. It's impractical to carry around an actual notepad and pen so I use my phone to write down any musical ideas I have when I'm out and about. Which is always. Lyrics, melodies, guitar riffs, chord progressions, tabs, all of it. So today while fiddling with my email information, I accidentally deleted all of my notes. Now I know you're all thinking "THIS IS WHY YOU USE PEN AND PAPER!" and I realize my mistake and tried switching the emails back but it won't work. I remember some of the stuff but the idea that most of my material will be lost is a bit depressing. So myLotters I need your help. I need you to tell me every method you know (or find via Google) to restore notes to an iPhone. Let this be a warning to everyone: while writing out things you care to not lose, please keep a non-electronic form of backup.
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• Guam
29 Jun 11
IF that's a case use a backup I suggest It is free online storage system... You can store pictures, files, etc. you can store up to 5 to 50GB in memory. If you need more, you can get another account. To have more than 50GB in one account, you have to buy. You can store alot. I don't need 50GB yet.