Urine Therapy: Using urine in/on your body for benefits?!

United States
June 21, 2011 4:31pm CST
I've heard this a bunch of times by many people. Urine therapy? Could this be real? I was researching the internet a couple of days ago trying to look for natural home remedies to clear up your acne and give you an overall better complexion. And I happened to stumble on this site that claimed that using your urine on your face (and even DRINKING IT) will improve your body system and give you a youthful look. Now call me crazy, but I am a little skeptical! Using urine on your face? Drinking it? It kind of seems like a desperate attempt. A lot of people have claimed that this remedy works once you get over the ick factor. I went on acne.org the other day and looked at the reviews for Urine Therapy, and they were overall pretty good. Most users say that it really does help, and you should just get over it if you want to have good skin. Other people say that waste should remain waste and it is not safe to be applying urine to the face, let alone consuming it! So let me hear your opinions on this!
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@marianne87 (3526)
21 Jun 11
An interesting theory, but not one I am willing to test! It sounds quite disgusting. I have heard people say their child has a good complexion because they rubbed the child's nappy contents on their face, and all sorts, but I still don't think its worth trying!
• United States
21 Jun 11
Oh my goodness rubbing nappy contents on their face?! I've never even heard of that. That sounds disgusting!
21 Jun 11
I know! Apparently it stops them getting acne etc