It's too crowded on the bus...

@zhpshql (695)
June 22, 2011 12:51am CST
Oh,God,it's too crowded on the bus here in China... Have you experienced this? there are like 100 people on the bus..I can't move even one have to face to face with the makes us so uncomfortable... since there are so many people in China,and the public transport is so what about your country? Let's share...
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@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
22 Jun 11
I just hate when that happens. Really, is one of the worst situations that you have to pass. I live in Brazil and the public transport is not so good either, especially in the big cities. My city is a capital, but not one of the big ones. But, even then, the bus here always crowded and, unfortunately, I don't have other option to come back to my house unless going by bus. I'm even thinking in going to my college using my bike, but is going to take like 40 minutes to I get there.
@alphenor (687)
• Philippines
22 Jun 11
The case here in the Philippines is not about lack of transport, but lack of roads! There are so many public transport that they would look like ants when you're viewing them from high above. Talk about the competition they are always doing - stealing each other's potential passenger, stationing the vehicle at one place until it's fully occupied. Too much transports is a bother.
@yanzalong (10198)
• Indonesia
3 Feb 12
In Jakarta yes, but only certain buses. The buses get crowded on certain hours. In other cities of Indonesia, buses are less crowded and less polluted as well. Why don't you move from China? Is that possible to move else where?
@Simon1223 (902)
• China
2 Sep 11
As a Chinese live in Shanghai, which is the largest city of China, squeezing myself into crowded buses or tubes twice a day is a terrible and inevitable experience to me. I used to see a news which stated that in the rush hour every square meter of bus stand more than ten legs, which was a horrible statistic. Nowadays there are already more than 23 million people who live in Shanghai, but the population still increase at the speed of 5 to 6 hundred thousand people annually. I'm afraid that the buses and tubes will be more and more crowded in the future.
• Philippines
22 Jun 11
China has the biggest population in the world... I could understand that. In my country, buses and trains too are very crowded especially during holidays that you really need to be very quick to outrun everyone that you might get a seat...
• China
22 Jun 11
Yes, not at all fake, just the fact is such, i remember once, i taken the bus to buy a train ticket and it was friday afternoon, you can imagine how crowded on the bus in China that day, i nearly had no pace to stand, and had to crooked my body, uncomfortable feeling ah...
• Chennai, India
22 Jun 11
You are not alone! Same thing here. Everyday when we go to duty, we have to take the public transport only. It's too crowded. Sometimes, the buses don't stop at our stop, which results in more crowd to the next bus that stops. Not only travelling cramped, sometimes some passengers get into the bus drunk. Due to the road is crowded already, the bus run late. Horrible experience everyday. Because of this, in Holidays, I don't have mood to go outing sometimes. (Because again I have to take the public conveyance.)