Respect or fear?

June 22, 2011 2:06am CST
Respect or fear to someone?What do you think? Sometimes we will respect person that we think he/she should be respect but some person that in our life we fear at him/her. Your opinion?
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• China
22 Jun 11
i think that some person we fear at cause we respect them. of course there some one we fear at simply, no any respect.
• Malaysia
22 Jun 11
respect not same with fear, right? :)
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
3 Jan 13
When I was younger I respected everyone and feared some too. Now that I am older I still respect everyone but have no fear for others because I have realised that we are all equal
@jonnieke (38)
• Kenya
22 Jun 11
Its better to respect somebody but not fearing them, though some people when you respect them they try to think that you fear them and they start taking advantage of you by intimidating you. People should differenciate well between the two. Older people when you respect them tend to think that you are afraid of them. I remember one day my friend being asked by an elderly guy why he fears him yet my friend was only being respectiful to him.
• Malaysia
22 Jun 11
in my opinion, respect and fear are absolutely something very different. i have a simple analogy to show how respect and fear differ from each other. we fear someone because that person might bring harm to us. example, killer, rapist etc. and we respect someone because we admire how kind someone treated you or simply because they have higher authority than us. example your boss, mother and father, an so on. whether to be respected or be fear, i'd choose to be respected by other cause for me, being respected is being loved while being feared of is being hated
• Philippines
22 Jun 11
actually..everyone needs respect everyone.dont be fear to your fellow man.because he/she not ghost to be fear with.were just need to be respect though