How to look good when you didn't slept all night?

June 22, 2011 11:16am CST
Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone here passes for the same thing that I have to pass almost every week. I always have tests on my college and, most of the times, I don't sleep all night long to study for the next day. So, in the day of the test, I don't look good. I always put a lot of make up, but still I look very tired. Does anyone have a tip to look more revitalized?
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• United States
22 Jun 11
I tend to take a cool shower to get me going, followed by multiple caffeine breaks. One of the things that I've also heard is to do a few jumping jacks when you're really tired to get the blood pumping. Also, I'll spend extra time on my hair and makeup. Buy some moisturizer for your face as well as a high quality concealer a shade lighter than your normal makeup to make you look more awake and brighten the eye area. Get some undereye correcter (the greenish looking stick kind) to counteract the blue circles under your eyes. The more money you spend on makeup (except mascara), the better you're going to look in most cases.
• Brazil
25 Jun 11
Thanks for the tips. I'll definetly try do few jumping jacks, that's a very good idea. I'll also buy a concealer a shade lighter to see if works, because, usually, I use my normal make up and the result it's not very good and I still look very tired.
• United States
26 Jun 11
1. For bloodshot eyes use eye drops, such as Visine 2. Use an under-eye cream to instantly give them a pick-me-up 3. Curl your eye lashes for make them appear more open and awake (Add mascara for add to this effect!) 4. Use white eye liner on lower water line to open up eyes 5. Add bronzer to make your face glow! 6. Hold an ice pack under your eyes for a few minutes to relieve any puffiness 7. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated! 8. Eat a well-balanced breakfast 9. Use under-eye concealer 10. Lift your chin, press your shoulders back and look confident! That will instantly lift you appearance and lower your insecurities! I hope this helps! :)