Doctors confused and pain increasing

United States
June 22, 2011 1:37pm CST
For the last three months I have been proactive with dealing with my chronic pain... In my back, hips and legs.. I see a phyiscal therapist weekly along with a regular therapist, my main doctor, and other doctors... Once common Factor pain.. What is causing it? The doctors are stumped... It moves to different parts of my back and also spreads to my arms, legs, hands and feet... I just wish what my limitations were... I am learning to work with my body instead of fighting the pain or just igoring it, but it gets extremely frustrating when i cant do... there are days that i feel like a big baby because nothing i do or dont do helps... I have more testing to go through.. Hopefully something comes out of it besides more questions... After awhile you get tried of unanswered questions.... I am a person that tries to do things instead of complaint or talk about it... what can u do when your hands are tied... theres a do list that is never ending which is typical being a mother... It gets overwhelming when the load stacks up and there is not anything u can do to get the list under control.... any advice suggestions comments are always welcomed
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