weighing in on divorce bill

June 22, 2011 4:21pm CST
The much talked about Divorce bill in the Philippines is gaining more supporters from wives who have been abused in their marriages. I take my stand against it because I uphold the sanctity of marriage. But sometimes my heart breaks for those who suffer in their marriages and I wish they could run away from it and from the person who is causing them pain. That's why I really believe marriages should be prayed for, prayed about and should not be done in haste. Choosing the person you will take a vow with in marriage is no easy task. One should take it seriously and must be willing to work things out if the marriage goes through a rocky phase.
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
22 Jun 11
I had to look this up as I had no idea what this even was. Let me say I was stunned. I was not aware that divorce was even illegal in the Philippines. Really??? Personal relationships are between the people in the relationship. As far as I am concerned, whether or not I remain in my marriage is none of the governments business. A law against divorce is draconian and tyrannical, straight out of the dark ages. As far as the argument concerning the sanctity of marriage being important, it is important, but that doesn't mean it is the government's job to keep a marriage together. You guys should have repealed that law a very long time ago.
• Philippines
23 Jun 11
Only in the Philippines indeed... there's even a reproductive health bill that has been debated over and over in congress...