Somebody was talking of a site called triendster so I went to check it out...

United States
June 22, 2011 11:12pm CST
it is supposed to help you get more visitors to your triond but when I googled it, no such page could be found. I then typed in triendster into my web bar and what came up is a pornographic page so beware. Do not fall for this because that page could be full of malware and viruses. Fortunately, I have a good program on my computer that keeps me from getting these types of threats.
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30 Jun 11
That's not the triendster site lol - currently the bot you are talking about is real and works and can be found on their temporary domain at I think they are moving it soon to its own URL. Regards.
30 Jun 11
I am also using Triendster and honestly think its fantastic. I only have the full version (they offer PRO now too if you ask them) but its earning me a lot more now. I can imagine I will be earning back my full license fee cost in only a week or so - especially since I am directing my Triond traffic with it to and
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
23 Jun 11
Thank you as you have done the right job by warning all of us about that nasty site.
23 Jun 11
Hey Linda you would not have got any response if you had put the wrong thing in the search engine. The thing you want is Triendster - capital T to start - and I have been using it now for a week now to great effect you could also look up Jacob Arensus on triond - he created this software andcan tell you more about it. Triendster is NOT spam, malware or ajoke, but something well worth investigating, if you go about it right to begin with.