Breastfeeding moms ever heard of Reglan?

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November 19, 2006 10:11pm CST
I had posted before about how when I had my daughter I wanted to breast feed so bad and I was so upset that I didn't produce enough milk. I saw a few lactation consultants and NOT ONE of them told me about a pill called Reglan. This pill increases the production of breast milk by 72%!!! I could have really used that when I was starving my child! I started taking this pill the other night and I hope I started soon enough before I completely dried up. Has anyone else ever heard of this pill or took it? Thanks.
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20 Nov 06
When I first got pregnant they gave me Reglan to help with Nausea. I didnt kwo it was for producing milk.
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21 Nov 06
Yeah I'm so mad they didn't tell me about it when I was freaking out that I wasn't producing enough milk. Thanks for your response. :)
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