Dangerous Thinking

June 23, 2011 4:02pm CST
If to think is to ponder or procrastinate on DHL (deliverate self harm) then to think is to be dangerous, but if thinking is for constructive things, such as planning a journey or holiday or running a group or taking a group somewhere this can all be possitive and it is necessary to take a step back from things and think about them from different perspectives. Consulting colleagues and friends is important in order for such things to be achieved.
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• India
25 Jun 11
More dangerous thing in this world is having half knowledge of any thing , we should have complete knowledge about any thing if we want to guide to any one or to do it , isn't it.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
24 Jun 11
I think that you are thinking too much. Hahaha! Just kidding! Planning for something good and realizing it is the best way to live life, I guess. I believe in the power of our mind, how it could easily put as down and how high it could bring us. We just have to use it the right way and set things to go in a positive motion, and hope that everything will work as planned.
@edsss17 (4398)
• Philippines
23 Jun 11
Hi caterina, Dangerous thinking is never healthy! Well, in my case I don't think I'll kill myself which is very dangerous, isn't it? What I usually think is I'm ugly, stupid and anything that I will looked down myself which is also not healthy and until now am trying to overcome this.. I just hate those people who are happy seeing me so down.. but because of them am trying to be better!