Sinus Problems

United States
June 23, 2011 6:13pm CST
Everyone I know seems to be having some kind of sinus problems including my family. My husband has gone to the doctors several time and still has the problem. My oldest son and I also having issues. The sinus congestion seems to go away but then comes back. I went to take the kids to the pool, I felt fine. They threw a ring too deep, so I went and got it for them. I spent the rest of the time feeling miserable because of sinus congestion. I just don't get how to get over the sinus problems. My husband listened to the doctor, who gave antibiotics, and did the suggested sinus rinses. (You could pay me enough to do one of those.. I don't want anything go up my nose and out my mouth. Yuck!) He still is having problems. I bought all kinds of allergy meds, decongestants, and sinus pills. Nothing is working. Many people I have talk to said they keep going back and forth to the doctor. Whats going on? Why does swimming make sinus congestion worse?
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• Guam
28 Jun 11
I would have sinus because of stress. From work. My sister and dad have snus problems also. It usually occurs from stress. I try to pray hard so my stress and sinus disappears or decreases alot.