figure skating is magical

@anex08 (868)
June 24, 2011 12:57am CST
How I love to see those skaters graciously invade the ice, they are magnificent, stunning figures and very gracious when we see them do their art. Well, It was actually my childhood dream, to skate but then it's impossible to do within the country who does not have the ice, its rather impossible for the family who does not have the budget to train in the specialized gymnasium for skating, so now it remains a dream.. But then I still wanted to but I do no longer have the guts, the strength, the flexibility, the will and the inner love to fulfill my dreams. They said that when you can conceive it in your mind, you can literally do it in physical but then there is always exemption to the rules. FIGURE SKATING IS MY DREAM, WILL IT REMAIN MY DREAM FOREVER? I think so...
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@CatGods (4595)
• United States
24 Jun 11
As a child I did my fair share of skating and I'll tell you, that ice is really hard when you fall and go smack. I have injured many times over my tail bone, both ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. It was fun while I was skating, but now that I am older, the results from the repeated injuries isn't so fun. So now ice skating is more of a spectator sport. I love to watch ice skating every time I get a chance.
@anex08 (868)
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
I Haven't experience any injuries for skating, I was not given a chance to try it. I just visualize myself doing the moves and nothing in action actually, so my mind project that figure skating is really great and easy..
@wondlan (30)
27 Dec 12
There was a time ,very attentively to learn movement,and fell down .however,when i learned ,i give up
11 Jul 12
It is magical! the thing is it may be too late to compete, but its never too late to learn!! i've skated for almost 10 years now but my mother started to learn while i was too!! she would have been around 49 an she learned a lot.. jumps and spins!! It is an amazing feeling being on the ice and if you get the chance take it! i'v seen people as old as 80 on the ice so it's never too late to try it :)