need you oppinion

June 24, 2011 2:37am CST
Most of the people right now majority seeking for those foods which will not make them fat but on the other hand there also some people who are seeking to make them fat or just to gain weight. In my condition I am one of them who's seeking to make me fat a little bit, veggies are quite not working for me nor those vitamins that i took before. So for those who gain weight in just no time please tell me your secret.
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@SIMPLYD (81447)
• Philippines
29 Jun 11
Sometimes, gaining weight depends on one's age. Younger people tend to eat a lot, yet they don't get fat that fast. Whereas , older people tend to gain weight even eating just in moderation, because old age tends to slow the metabolism. I for one, when i was just a growing teener was so skinny. I have tried all appetite stimulants and vitamins and eat much, but still would be skinny. I only get some needed poundage, after giving birth to our child. I guess, some hormones in me was activated, because i now eat vegetables which i don't eat in my younger years. My appetite was also increased. Now, i am trying to slim a bit.
@ladybug565 (2217)
• United States
25 Jun 11
I am also one of those who cant gain weight easily. I eat regular meals (ok not so regular) I skip breakfast but mainly I eat a good dinner with meat and potatoes and veggies and alot of pasta. I eat alot of junk food, high protien, high calorie foods but I just never gain weight I am about 110 give or take. I used to eat alot of McDonalds food and still no weight gain. I hope that your discussion will find some good ideas. my daughter also has the same problem.
• India
24 Jun 11
Hie Well iam not an fatty person but an average person not much fat not much thin, My brother is a lot fat, however i can help you in your discussion. Well to become a little fat, see that you eat lot of junk food, increase your counts of meat, also eating fatty foods like fried things will help you in gaining weight. On the other part if you want to become fat, well First of all include meat in your diet at least 4 times a week secondly when you feel hungry eat any junk foods like chips wafers and so on, I think if you follow this schedule you will probably gain a weight.