can money buy all the things in the world?

June 24, 2011 7:50am CST
do you seriously believe that money can buy almost all the things in the world and what is its main use?
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• Australia
24 Jun 11
With money a man can buy all the things made by man himself in this world he can buy rockets and go in to outer space , aircrafts, he can buy all the fruits of the world he can computers, cars, books, schools, resturants, food, drinks, everything that you see around you can be bought. But with money you cant buy every thing, you can not buy your life one day you will die and you can not pay for that, you can not buy happiness ,you can not buy true love you can buy some one to make love with but true love that is not for sale and you wont find it on any shop in the world, you can not buy your self new parents or you can not buy your self true friends and there are many more things like these which you cant buy . There are a lot of things some one can bought and a lot of important things which can not be bought. So money is not every thing in this world there are a lot of other thing to take care of.
• Canada
24 Jun 11
I agree with alamsher007, that money isn't all that important! Yes, I agree we cannot by life. We live and die! However, there also an afterlife in which we live forever (heaven or hell) Again while money cannot buy life, someone took the fall for each us and the name is "Jesus Christ". I don't wish starting a debate on this but this need to be experience! Give Him a try by giving your life to him, so you can live forever on earth and heaven!
@SIMPLYD (87189)
• Philippines
29 Jun 11
No, money cannot buy all things in the world. It cannot buy love. If you have so much money, you will feel insecure if someone will express their interest on you. You will think that they only like your money. They might like your money , but they don't love you.
• India
27 Jun 11
money is not everything but we cannot neglect the fact that money is essential for a person to lead a comfortable life........
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
26 Jun 11
I believe that money is not all in life. We need money for paying our bills and other things but peace and happiness can never be purchased by money.
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
It depend on what thing you talking about.
@iklananda (1204)
24 Jun 11
Yes it is, there s nothing in this world that money cannot buy, except dignity and other thing such as someone life and so on.
@micajazz (77)
• Philippines
24 Jun 11
money can buy many things in the world,but for me it doesnt mean that money can buy everything.Money can't buy happiness,love,peace,fame,and a lot.although other people says that when you have a lot of money,it seems u have everthing.although money is one of the major needs and necessity in our daily life inorder to live and survive,but still its just like an accesories that anytime you may lost it../its just for a meantime and not forever