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June 24, 2011 11:49pm CST
transformers 3: dark of the moon is released on June 29th I'm extremely excited this movie, so I'll be the cinema on June 29th Is anyone going to watch it in cinemas? I can't wait anymore to watch this because I wait almost a year for transformers 3: dark of the moon.
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• Australia
25 Jun 11
YES! i want to go, as I am in Australia we used to have to wait 6 months before we got the latest movies but now with the intermnet we get it at the same time woo hoo! I cant wait to go either but what did you think of the second one? I personally feel nothing beats the first one but thats with most triology movies i suppose. Also no Megan Fox? I like it when the original casts stay together But with only 4 weeks to go we will have to wait and see
• Malaysia
25 Jun 11
Yes I agree with you the first season was better than second Season but I wonder how exciting is the third season however I hope it won't disappoint us
@jeanena (1616)
• Bucklin, Kansas
26 Jun 11
Like you I have been waiting for them to get it released . And no alas no money to go to the theater on. Unless something happens and they happen to have it at the drive-in in Dodge City and I can get the money from my daughter to go on.The whole family likes the Transformer movies.
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
Same here. I have watched Transformers 1 until the second part in the big screen and is all worth the money. It will be released on the 29th and I also cannot wait for the next release. It's quite exciting after 2 years of sneaking with our favorite heroes. Megan Fox is not part of the movie anymore, but it's okay as long as the story is still worth it.
• United States
25 Jun 11
Me and a couple friends we're planning on going at midnight to watch it. I do want to know how they managed to do it without Megan Fox in it.............. Noune the less will hopefully be an alright movie.
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
I have watched the other transformers movie and i liked its effects, the story and the characters, most especially Megan Fox and Optimus Prime. If given the chance, I would also want to watch it in cinemas.