Can Money You Happiness ?

June 25, 2011 3:23am CST
Is making money all about being happy? Or is it about getting your needs satisfied and then some of your wants. If money can buy happiness, then how much money do you think can make you happy and why?
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• Philippines
26 Jun 11
There will be a point when money does become the happiness by a person. The difference is that money is not happiness but it can buy the object that gives the person happiness. I don't think having much money will do, it's the love and beauty you receive in this world.
@ssebek (4)
• Poland
25 Jun 11
It is strange question, cause the answer really depends on each person. Some of them will tell that money isn't really important. Howeever, I think that everyone would like to live on high level. Living in luxury will make live of each person better, so in this case money really will make everyone happy. It is good when you don't want money just because of stupid need. If you want it to make dreams true, to make someone happy- that's great. I heard somewhere that there is no difference when you earn over 70 000 $ a month, so maybe that ammount would make everyone happy :)