what do you prefer? to dream big or to wake up and work hard for it?

June 25, 2011 11:33am CST
it just came into my mind. that while some people dream big,others chooses to wake up and work hard for it. we can definitely say that goal setting is a significant ingredient in reaching success but we should not stop there. we should move, and move fast, for every second is a chance to seize every possible opportunity.
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@jimmytai (204)
• Malaysia
26 Jun 11
Set the goal is very important for us success to achieve. No dream and no goal , that people sure would waste many time and not have direction at their life.
• Philippines
26 Jun 11
Personally, I prefer dreaming big and working hard for it. Dreaming big is where I get my motivation to work hard for it that's why I prefer both. Frankly, I think you won't get far preferring only one of those. If you dream big then you won't get anywhere if you don't work for it. If you're working hard but you don't know what you're really working hard for then I don't think you'll be getting somewhere you like doing that.
@jhaidro (879)
• Philippines
25 Jun 11
I have always been a dreamer and I think that I will stay this way. No matter what I do things just do not add up with me so I just do whatever I can to make things better but still enjoy as much as I can in the process. I just do not think that we should put our minds to our goals that much because we might miss out the good things in our journey.