League of Legends

United States
June 25, 2011 1:46pm CST
Does anyone play league of legends? How do you like it? What do you think a new player should know about the game? Who's your favorite champion to play and why? What do you think are the top 5 key points to winning a match? What are the top 5 things to know about your favorite champion including skill sets, items, etc?
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• Slovenia
18 Apr 12
i play Jarvan. strategic thinking is number one, like somebodey said 2 up one mid and 2 down, but i think better is if one goes up one mid and 2 down, one go jungling in enemy jungle :P for skill u must have flash..if u on low HP u can run and flash it throw the wall.
@wydtron (302)
• Portugal
25 Nov 11
I love that game. In season 2 now im gathering a team to kick some butt and win some prizes. Its really my favorite game, i ve been playing it for 2 years :)
@bong16 (1)
8 Oct 11
Im Playing League of Legends...I like it compare to DotA and HoN...A player should know that in LoL you cant win by yourself...you must work together to win...My favorite champion is Udyr...because he is hard to beat...the only key point is Team Work...Udyr...a formidable off tank...with turtle stance he can survive easily...phoenix, bear, and tiger stance adds to his offensive force...mana and hp items and trinity force blade...is very suitable in his gameplay
• United States
20 Jul 11
1.The game is a perfect game for people who like the team 3v3 or 5v5 2.a new player should know to just get the hang of their selective champions not to just quit after losing 2-3 games that usually happens but mostly not your fault 3.my favorite champion's got to be kassadin because he just becomes a champ killer late game 4. 5 key points are to have team work, do not argue within your team, keep cool dont be hasty,say missing in actions, and assist the lanes that are being pushed a lot by the enemy team 5.his rift walk and pulse using them together to turret dive, not to be too greedy and to conserver your mana also use your rift walk in creative ways
@kerex132 (23)
• Sweden
26 Jun 11
I played League of Legends also called LoL i liked it very much but my friends stoped playing it. All the new players need to know that the secret to get pro is to traing and training. My favorite champion i dont rember... The 5 key points to winning is 1. Have a good defence. 2. Play with people thats can comucating. 3. go 2nd and 2nd at right and left and 1 middle. 4. go fast 5. WIN