Thailand with Kids?

June 26, 2011 6:42pm CST
Hi Has anyone been to Thailand with kids? I have 2 kids boy and girl (3.5 and 6.5 respectively) and i really want to take them to Thailand i reckon for 5k we could get a pretty decent holiday what do you think and where is the best place to go for families i was looking at patong beach? but is that too busy? any thoughts or general discussion welcome cheers in advance
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@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
29 Jun 11
Hi will! My husband and I have been to Patong (though we still don't have a kid back then). It's really busy there, very commercialized. But I think it's not that busy if you go on off-peak seasons. Plus you get low rates on hotels. For the hotel, we stayed at R-Mar Hotel. It's a really nice hotel, situated not too far from the beach (Patong) but far enough from all the noise and partying. There's also a nice tour agency right outside the hotel. I can't recall the name but it has "doctor" in it. Something like "tour-doctor" or something, hehehe. Beach-wise though, I wouldn't recommend Patong. Because of so many people, the beach is not that appealing. I wouldn't say it's dirty but it's sand is not so white anymore. I would recommend Karon beach. It's really really nice and the sand bar is really white! And also not populated. I think there are also a lot of nice hotels there. Karon beach is kinda wavy though so just be careful. I would also suggest Jungle trekking where you can ride elephants and watch monkey shows. You can ask about it in tour agencies. There are a lot in the streets :) Enjoy your vacation! Thailand is really amazing! Wish we can go back there again ^^
• Australia
30 Jun 11
I was looking at the Holiday Inn resort as they have pretty good deals with kids in the low season. (Im happy to go in the low season as it is our winter here and as we have been in drought for so long going some where where is rains and its warm is ok with me!) But I was looking at the patong beach and your right the sand is not white and its full of deck chairs and doesnt look like much room to roam with the kids etc. like they would get lost in a see of deck chairs. I havent heard much about karon though? so i might look in to that. Yes definately elephant rides and jungle trekking is a must in Thailand! Thanks for your information
@maximax8 (27943)
• United Kingdom
30 Jun 11
I am very keen on traveling with my 4 year old disabled son and my 2 year old daughter. If I traveled to Thailand I would buy return flights to Bangkok. We would have three or four nights in Bangkok for sightseeing and shopping. Then we would go island hopping for a week. In that time we could see a few different palm fringed islands. Then for our next week we would stay put in a place like Patong for some relaxation.
@Suzieqmom (2763)
• United States
30 Jun 11
We have not yet been to Thailand with our kids (and I am reading this discussion with interest to wee what others recommend) but we did take them to the Philippines when they were about the same age as your kids, and we had a wonderful time. I would take people's advice and stay away from the really crowded beaches, but I would also pick a beach with calm water so the kids can actually swim in it!
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
27 Jun 11
Have a nice holiday in Thailand. I have been to Thailand a number of times. The country is known as "Amazing Thailand", and is really very much amazing. The people are so nice, polite, gentle, and smiling all the time. Bangkok, the capital city, is very beautiful, many places to see depending on your interests. The kids would enjoy the grand shopping malls. There are many cultural and historical places there. If you are thinking of sea beeches, Pattaya is one most popular beeches in Southeast Asia. Have a nice trip !