water is life!! how much you believe in that quote ?is water really life?

@HDHORDA4 (679)
June 26, 2011 11:12pm CST
as you know that everybody says water is life but i have seen people wasting water unnecessary.i don't think that we should waste water and we should use it in a correct manner.water is necessary part of our life and 70%of our body is water.
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@wow2dong2 (204)
• Malaysia
28 Jun 11
Definitely, water is one of the thing that we cannot live without. Water can be used to heal our sick such as fever, for daily use, hygiene and so on. If you ask me what my life will be if there is no more water, well, i can't even imagine it. Could you?
@HDHORDA4 (679)
• India
28 Jun 11
no definately not i also can't imagine my life without water that's why i believe that we should save water.
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
Definite,water is life.Without water we cannot live. We cannot cooked our food,we cannot take a bath. without water we cannot clean our surroundings and if ever that happened diseases occurs. I've heard over the radio,watch over the television and read also some books that trough water they survived in remote village,being no food,no shelter and etc. Water is also a best medicine for people who have head ache,runny nose and so more. By this important of water we must use it properly,use it in proper ways.