computers vs human mind? which is the more powerful mind?

@HDHORDA4 (679)
June 27, 2011 4:03am CST
i know that human being has created computers and computers have not created human beings but still we have to except that we have to take the help of computers to do our work.and that's not all science has made robots who can think like human beings and can do whatever they are asked to do so what do you think which is the most powerful device human brain or computers?
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@SEHUL4 (3)
• India
26 Jul 11
hi hdhorda4 yes i belive human mind is more powerful and sharp then computer.
@SEHUL4 (3)
• India
19 Jul 11
i think human mind is much more cpable and powerful then computer mind and can create lots of things which computer cannot do .
@mantis36 (4237)
• Philippines
2 Jul 11
Computer Brains is only to speed-up the calculations needed by Human serves as an extension to finish work as early as possible.... Human Brains yet slow but most powerful to compare with Computer Brain.... yet Computer Brain is a part of computer HARDWARE while Human Brain is considered as a PEOPLEWARE