(Philippines) RH Bill: Issues and Controversies...Intensifies.

June 27, 2011 6:07am CST
Reproductive Health Bill is still one of the most hottest topic on debates here in the Philippines. It is still an issue to whether or not to pass this bill to Congress. Every Filipino in this nation take different views about the so called bill. This bill is extermely divisive that both oppositors and supporters keep on critizing the government and each other on the process. Is the RH Bill really the solution to the increasing population of the country? What happened to the Responsible Parenthood? Is the over population the main cause of poverty? or the Corruption itself.
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• Guam
28 Jun 11
God has a plan for every human being. Don't believe those liars about overpopulation.
• Philippines
29 Jun 11
God always has a plan...we, people sometimes just don't see it. Maybe its time for those liars to be enlightened.