how should we help people

@kkarun (100)
June 27, 2011 6:13am CST
hai friends i was wondering actually how can we help poor people. I see a lot of people which may include small children, old aged ones womens or even healthy people begging all around and people giving them money with the intention to help them but too me it seems as if they are harming the poor because this would lead them to be morally weak and thus continue begging for everything. So what should be actually done to help these people ? Hope you have answer for it.
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@greenline (14865)
• Canada
27 Jul 11
From time to time, when I have the opportunity, I make donations to international organizations which are helping people in distress around the world. It is so pathertic to see children, aged people, families, suffering from droughts, natural disasters. I believe whatever amount it is donated would help them to an extent.
@camomile07 (1422)
• Germany
17 Jul 11
There are many different ways to help a person, all depends of the person who needs and his or her circumstances, which kind of help the person needs. Sometimes, it might be resolved with a bit of money, sometimes with something to eat or clothes. Sometimes, it can be some information. So we have to analyze the circumstances and see in which situation is this person at the moment and what's the origin of his or her problem, so we may help to erradicate it. May the person only wishes a job and we know someone who could offer him or her one....
• Guam
28 Jun 11
Take a chance like Secret Santa. Give lot of money (as a chance) to one poor person without telling a soul. God will reward you. It will show your attachment to money is less. Nobody likes to beg. People beg because they need to. Trust me. It takes someone strong not to be ashamed to beg. Don't you beg God for anything when you pray for things whether it be for safety, salvation, or help when nobody else you know can help you?