honesty is the best policy how true is this topic in todays world?

@HDHORDA4 (679)
June 27, 2011 12:23pm CST
well i think that in todays world people tell more lies then truth so i guess honesty might not be the best policy now what do you think?
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• Philippines
27 Jun 11
It is still the best policy for me. However it is not being followed by many of us human being. Define policy first. It is a rule or a direction towards the rightful world. If only people are being honest there is surely a less crime rate. Are you familiar to a cliche "A liar is a thief's brother"?
@HDHORDA4 (679)
• India
28 Jun 11
hhmmm yes i m very much familiar with that quote but i m very surprised to know that you still believe in this policy ayways have a nice day.
• India
2 Jul 11
I don't think being honest will always work for you in life unless you want to be troubles..haha ...try answering your gf's this question if she is really plump.. Tell me honestly darling..I look fat now?? Being honest is a good policy as long as it does not some significant harm to you or someone else..