A key of success in an organization is chemistry among the committee...

June 27, 2011 12:50pm CST
Believe it or not, i'm experiencing this situation where i'm in an organization, and yet we can get along and working together better than any organization around us which are not like that. that's simple formula, when there is strong chemistry between one another, it can make a great teamwork and understanding. Thus, it'll make any work progress to be done in such a simpler way and faster. Check this out. If you're one of this people, you might fully agree with this statement. Am i right?
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@daiweian06 (1408)
30 Jun 11
Yes, I agree with you. Like in our church my duty is in finance and each time that we are all together we are happy and having a great time. If one of us made a mistake there's nothing but to help and teach what must to be done. While we are on our duty we are talking about things and sometimes our own experiences. We are all bonded and we enjoy most of the time we are together as a group. We have to love our work too to achieve the success. Good day! God bless!