Can't Go Out Without Bathing With Scents

June 27, 2011 2:31pm CST
I confess one of my addictions. I am addicted with perfumes (not cologne). I've been spending thousands for my original perfume like Bvlgari, D&G, Victoria Secret, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Ana Sui, DKNY, Escada, Gucci, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Versace and a lot more to mention. One day I lost my Bvlgari perfume I had in my purse. I felt so paranoid and my self-esteem went soooo low. I can't even hug my friends who greet me, can't delightfully converse with people close to me and worst, can't focus. I don't smell bad anyway (it's Bvlgari - it won't last in just an hour). I can still smell the scent on my skin and clothes. It wasn't some kind of a super-vexation 'cause the bottle is almost empty, maybe five more sprays left. :D
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