suddenly... it just happened.

@cathzuya (187)
June 27, 2011 9:46pm CST
there's a news sometime ago that i just want to share. from somewhere like a business location here in our country, a sudden explosion from a public bus occurred... many passengers died. including two girls, just graduated from college, apparently out seeking for their first job... thinking that their life has ended even before they could finally make into living as an individuals, is terribly sad... i thought that that incident might happen to me as well, to any one of us that might end everything we had til now. some of us might not done yet the things that will make us happy deep within. life is too short, too short to waste even a single day.
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• Guam
29 Jun 11
Life is short. Learn from them. I'm 25 already. I want to spend the rest of my life with my girlfriend and get married. I can only do what God allows in my life. Other than that...Love God with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength. Love for others will get bigger the more you love God.