What you do at beaches?

June 28, 2011 1:29am CST
whenever we move to other country in our vacantions, i am very curious to go to beaches, because the country which i live dnt have much beaches just have one which is in another city..... So whenever i get the chance to hit beaches i would make plans what i ll do there............. making castles..........dad doing barbeque..........swimming..........playing football........playing cards(UNO) etc... Tell me your plans ,so i add them in my cue.
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• Philippines
13 Jul 11
I just love beaches. When we have time, together with my family or friends, one of the first place that we would go to unwind would be the beach. And it is always a fun activity. Whenever we go to beaches, it is almost, if not always, a very big group gathering. We stay at the beach from late morning until night. :) The best things about going to the beach together with my family and friends are: the yummy food, swimming, making sand castles, drinking and playing cards, karaoke/videoke if available, playing frisbee/soccer/rugby/volleyball/baseball especially when it turns low tide, gathering sea shells, sunbathing, sightseeing, and when it turns to night campfires are never missing. Going to the beach is never tiring and always fun. :)
@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
1 Jul 11
I just love beaches. I used to live in one city that have around 100 beaches, it was so beautiful. I had to move and now I live in a city that doesn't have one beach. I always go back to my old city on the vacation. I like to go to the beach to play volleyball and to run next to the water. I also like to go in the end of the afternoon to eat some shrimps and fish while I'm looking the sea.
1 Jul 11
i like walkin with my partner...playing with watr...makin smthin with sand n writin on it...i like beaches vry much...it is amazing place to spend ur whole day...:)
@ryzach (1546)
• United States
28 Jun 11
I like walking along the beach especially at sunset, it is very calming to me. I also like to sip on some pina colada's and have lunch at a beach restaurant. I like looking for shells as well
@SIMPLYD (83313)
• Philippines
28 Jun 11
Actually, there are a lot of things you can do at the beach. You can go kayaking at the sea. You can go surfing or floating with those inflatable things. You can go snorkeling to see those animals under the sea. But if you don't know how to swim, just be there at the shallow area, lie down and have the waves slap on you while lying down.