What's your favourite reality show?

South Africa
June 28, 2011 7:59am CST
In the last few years, reality TV has become a huge part of TV viewing. Sometimes tv producers make some shows that appear totally ridiculous - like Bridalplasty!! And yet these shows are strangely addictive! I have recently been watching loads of reality tv, but have decided that my favourite has still got to be that trusted favourite, survivor!! Even after 22 seasons, it still hasn't lost its appeal to me. Are you still watching reality shows? And if so, what's your favourite? Would you ever participate in one?
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@GemmaR (8526)
28 Jun 11
My favourite reality TV show, when it was still on air, was Big Brother. As a psychologist, I love having the chance to see how people behave at different points in the day and how the behaviour of the other housemates affects the house as a whole. Now that Big Brother has finished, I much prefer music shows, for example The X Factor and Dancing on Ice. It's because I like to see how people find their talent and find the courage and the motivation to follow their dreams and sometimes they can become huge stars.
• South Africa
29 Jun 11
Big Brother was definitely interesting in the beginning, but maybe you have to be a psychologist like you to truly appreciate the dynamics in the house because I found myself thinking it became quite dull after a few weeks! Dancing shows are also great though. So you think you can dance must be my favourite - those people are so talented!!
• Canada
28 Jun 11
Survivor is an awesome reality show! Every season is very interesting to me. I've lost my interest in American Idol and shows like that. Now I like Canada's Next Top model because.. Well I am Canadian. I also have an addiction to the Real World, not that it's the best reality show in the world.
• South Africa
29 Jun 11
I also enjoy shows like America's Next Top Model - and Masterchef Australia has also been really great at the moment - you should try watch it if you get the chance!
@jady010 (156)
• India
22 Sep 11
My favorite reality show would be X Factor, So you think you can dance, American Idol, Jersey shore and Hell's Kitchen