do you bleives respond a discussion in mylot by people at a merit level

June 28, 2011 6:17pm CST
Discussion a important part of life.In the development of human life and level of life better discussion is a necessary role in the human life.Mylot provides a plate form to participate the discussion and the thoughts,feelings and expressions of other people.A person who are start a discussion in mylot he has wants to get proper response and receive his hard work result.Why people would thought about this matter? The people give a response of discussion on merit and secondly they are not follow in this role.they give the response every useless discussion and pass away from proper discussion.
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@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
29 Jun 11
Many people come here to relax. Relaxing means different things to different people. Some enjoy relaxing by talking about trivial things while others like to get involved in something heavier, giving advice or exchanging heartfelt opinions. Some enjoy discussing their favourite sport while others are happy discussing the latest recipe of political event. That is the joy of myLot. We have so many choices. It is sad that some choose to avoid those topics which could have become a great debate and instead spend their time on more frivolous topics but that is their choice. Nothing stops others from spending their time with them though. Welcome to myLot!
• India
29 Jun 11
Thanks for your comments and most welcome.You are right and i am agree with you.People has different choice to choose a topic with related their taste and has got more and more response from other people.we are not able to stop other people to stop useless discussion and safe their times and energies.They are use these efforts in a right direction.