Are you toughts of intertainment as fun ,Joke and Just time wasting.

June 29, 2011 12:00am CST
Intertainment is a take a important of life from every country of the world.Fun contains different types such as music,movies,painting,poetry etc.Mostly peoples are likes to intertainment because it has provide us happiness,greeting and leave the tension from present machine and earning race age.It also provide us Information and culture.However many people are against the intertainment that they have thoughts about the intertainment gust time lost and put-up new generation to wrong way.
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• Guam
29 Jun 11
I am. You can learn from it but it can become distracting and winding. I say get it from the Bible. Not to be preachy but it has everything. Inspiration, stories, truths, advice, guidance. Whether you believe it to be true, that's up to you but I say don't doubt it...I learned alot. Especially this Changed my life. No trick. Changed my life when I was 18. I'm 25 and the effects of it are still felt. I'm grateful to God for that.