June 29, 2011 6:21am CST
I have. I've been suffering for 13 years. I hyperventilate everyday. When I was single, I just hyperventilate when I am so tired or stressed out. But now that I have a son, my situation worsens. I hyperventilate everyday. The only time I don't is when I am lying down or sleeping. I feel like my breathing is not correct, I feel that I'm losing air so I have to breathe more... It just feels so uncomfortable. And when I can't help myself gasping lots of air, I feel like my head is so big full of air and like I'm going to pass out. I've been told to go to the doctor but here in the Philippines when you say you have hyperventilation, the doctors always say that it's psychological. Not to mention, treatment as well as consultation costs a lot. I don't really know how to get rid of this. I can't blame my doctors because I had a history of nervous breakdown in 2000 and was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. Perhaps, this was the result of my childhood trauma and severe depression when I was younger. I always pray that soon, this HVS will be gone so I can live a normal and more convenient life. If you are experiencing this, please share your thoughts. Thanks!
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@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
29 Jun 11
Bless your heart. I was under so much stress too and I started feeling like I was having heart trouble. Dr hooked me up to a heart monitor for 3 days to follow my activity. Went back after this and before going back I talked to my friend in canada and she said I had the same symptoms she had. I was having severe anxiety attacks. So DR. put me on .025 Zanax and as long as I take it I am fine. One day I forgot to take it and I could feel it coming back. Sure hope you get some relief. Feel free to add me as a friend here if u need someone to talk to.
• Philippines
30 Jun 11
Thanks marie2052. I really appreciate your reply. I will surely add you as a friend. In my case, yes, I have anxiety, actually General Anxiety Disorder, so I can't handle too much stress or work load. But I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to take medicines as much as possible. Now, I'm working at home as an article writer and online teacher to save money so I can finally seek professional help. Sadly, here in the Philippines, Hyperventilation Syndrome is not really recognized and is instantly treated as a psychological thing which I strongly disagree with. Because I am pretty sure, what I need is breathing therapy and better lifestyle. I admit, staying home all the time and not having any physical activity worsens my HVS. Thanks again and hope we can hear more comments from other lotters who share the same experience.
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