Summer Olympics 2012

June 29, 2011 6:35am CST
Everyone has been raving about 2012 since the start of 2011 due to the Olymics set to be held in Britain next year. I am not convinced this will up our chances of success but time will tell. There are plenty of other countries out there who will certainly give us a run for our money and whom are perpareed to travel to do so. Who do you think has tickets? I believe they went on sale in March of this year and most of them will have been purchased by now. I have heard that the millenium stadium for the event is still yet to be compleated, so lets hope that this is done in good time before things kick off, and the building regulations for health snd safety checks are fully carried out. we also cant afford for any distasters taking place such as the running track not being the correct size, like the international pool in Leeds. This was build a metre short of an olympic 50 metre pool size, and therefore high caliber competitions were not permitted. To be honest I would have gone to the olympics with my dad, whom I think would rather sit in front of the TV to catchh the action. There would be a lot of waiting around if you were actuslly thre I should imagine. I have just seen a clip of the action in Sheffield at a stadiu there (June 27th 2011). As it happens, the tour de France is starting from this Saturday so dad will be glued to the TV for tht with TV dinners being seerved for him a la carte lol.
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