Cyber Rythm and Blues

Sunrise,Sunset,Coffee,Facebook - just one of those days when I'm bored and silly
June 29, 2011 7:54am CST
Yawning, and I looked at the clock.It's past seven, slept late doing some online job for oDesk.Have to get up and make coffee as I reach for the router to let the internet flow freely again into every veins of my boring life.And Voila! my world turned kaleidescopic when facebook interface appears on screen. Ooops coffee is brewing.Reaching out for the creamer while my eyes are set on my laptop.Oh dear!No more creamer!!! Ok sugar will do. I can't believe this?!? I got no more sugar too. Yawning, I clicked "Like" on a posting, drinking coffee with no creamer..and no sugar. At least it has boiling water on it. (^_^) Are you like me? How do you start your day.
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