Eminem and illuminati

June 29, 2011 1:36pm CST
Okay people, don't start judging as i'm an eminem fan but I just want to know what other people think. In some of the songs in eminem's album recovery there are some symbolisms to him saying that he has risen from being in the clutches of illuminati. Do you think that eminem is trying to escape from illuminati? Because in his song 25 to life he's referring to illuminati but people seem to think that its about his wife.
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@Extourmed (191)
• Bulgaria
9 Apr 12
Well, I think Recovery's album is very much about Eminem's illuminati exemption. I am Eminem's fan since I was 8, I listen to all of his songs and a huge part of them are memorized in my head, so I can tell you that there is something. I don't know have you ever listen to the song of Eminem - "Rain Man". I think the name of the song speaks for himself. There's a whole lot of songs that can be read as illuminati songs. For example the song "Say goodbye to Hollywood" he says - "I sold my soul to the devil, I'll never get it back" and a lot of other songs. I can give you a lot of examples about illuminati things that Eminem says in his old songs.
@ankitbhat (269)
• India
2 Sep 11
i dont think there is any sorta connection between the both but you never know whats on the flip side
• United States
31 Jul 11
Me and my friends were talking about that the other day. There's a video on Youtube that talks about his possible connections with the Illuminati. Let me see if I can find it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiIAS37t_lM There you go. (: This talks about Eminem's possible connections with the Illuminati.
• United States
29 Jun 11
I can honestly say that I have never heard about any connection between Eminem and the Illuminati. And I would never think that because I don't believe he's smart enough or as anything to offer the Illuminati. Why do you think the song 25 to Life is talking about the Illuminati instead of his wife?