Which is the best country to spend vacation?

June 30, 2011 7:49am CST
Iam planning to spend my vacation,since this will be my first time to travel id love to hear from you which is the best country to spend my vacation that i will surely love..
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• Netherlands
30 Jun 11
Depends on where are you willing to go and what would you like to spend? I personally love Bali. I went there a few years back and I would give anything to go back. Even when you are not that rich you can live like a king there. The people are supersweet and the environment is magnificant. From here the trip is expensive but once you are there you don't spend that much. The people are not really rich but they are superrich at heart, they welcome you with open arms and if you treat them with respect you will have the vacation of a lifetime! Turkey comes second. The people welcome you with open arms. They live of tourists and that is a plus for you as a tourist. You are welcome and they make you feel welcome. The turkish food is lovely, if you like just the fries and burgers, thay also have that. Turkish nights, are a must see/do. Also talk to locals, they are really nice and it could just give you a new insight in the country. I also like Italy. The country itself is beautifull, the restaurants are great!