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June 30, 2011 8:03am CST
when we walk on the street, we see couples hugging and laughing. what do you feel when you see this scene?
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• Canada
6 Jul 11
when i go walking or shopping and isee couples doing the natural thing of kissing and laughing i wish it would be me and i could find someone i could be happy with. i feel lonely,sad,jealousy and envy all the same time. i think i like to be that girl and have someone truly love and look after instead of being alone all the time. i get thinging is there something wrong with me. why dont people like me. did or do i do something good. i hope people charrish what they have because companionship is something u take for granted and others just die to have what they have.i see people walk and kiss all the time and i think to my self,boy i wish that was me there.then i stay in my apartment because i feel sad and sometimes i even cry because im so lonely and want some fun and happyness too.
• Sweden
3 Jul 11
Actually, sometimes I find myself thinking "I'm glad for them". I've been sad many times when couples break up, that's so sad. So when they're hugging eachother, i'm just happy. Of course, making out and stuff is not appropriate in publick, but hugs and laughs are okay! And of course sometimes I feel sad because I'm single, but then again that feeling blend over to the first I discribed.
@umabharti (3976)
• India
30 Jun 11
its a wrong thing to do so , there are some private places for such things.In public one should behave proper.