Xingu - what do you think and what you can do?

June 30, 2011 6:12pm CST
The governmentof my Country(Brazil)wants to flood the Xingu river area in the indigenous reserve. what do you think of this attitude? what could we do? there is already a petition but maybe if the whole world to send messages against the destruction of the Xingu in newspapers, sites,letters to Brasilia.. what do you think about???
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• Philippines
30 Jun 11
There could be a reason why they wanna do it. The government won't just do anything for the heck of it. Even though their deeds can sometimes be weird and radical at times, they always have reason why they're doing it. Here in Manila, Philippines, smokers will be fined if caught smoking in public. It's a bit unreasonable because the fine is Php500.00. I think that's the minimum, I'm not sure. Smokers, me included, will have a hard time dealing with this one because we know it's hard to quit, include the fact that we have to look for an area where we can smoke. Your government is planning to flood a river and I'm assuming it's a landmark of your place or something. It's reasonable to keep an ancient place but maybe they really have a reasonable explanation why they wanna flood it out.
• Brazil
31 Jul 11
The Xingu is not just a river. The area to be flooded is river ( and others smallers rivers), forest and a complete ecosystem. indians living there. they fish in their backyard. With flooding all this will cease to exist. A few months ago, near this region, have been cataloged some insects that had not been discovered yet.