There's one thing I don't get about the Libyan ''Civil'' War

United States
July 1, 2011 6:54pm CST
It's about the Libyan rebellion, the so-called "Al-Qaeda" factor. A thought just came to me earlier this morning while reading a letter about the Libyan Civil War. The thing is, I've repeatedly heard that "Al-Qaeda" is created by the CIA in order to keep the US in permanent, never-ending war as the US continues to create real and/or imagined enemies (the name means "The Database"), but even if the rebels are supported by "Al-Qaeda" for real, other than the reason civilians being attacked by Gaddafi, why would the UN be so quick to impose a no-fly zone and allow NATO to help the rebels out? I mean, I thought the so-called "War on Terror" was to fight against them, but if they WERE a part fo the Libyan rebels, after almost a full decade since Sept. 11, 2001, after making a mess of Afghanistan and screwing up Iraq even after Saddam was executed, and after wasting billions and billions of dollars into a war that will not only fail but might never end and will bankrupt the US, why would the US government and military pull a 180-degree turn and support the very organization that they've been trying to obliterate for years in this so-called "war", especially in Libya? Gaddafi didn't pull another 9/11, yet why are we and the rest of NATO jumping in and placing the foot at the door where we aren't wanted in? Now that I heard that there's going to be "foreign boots on the ground" soon, something the rebels desperately want to avoid at all costs, I feel like I have to remain neutral about the whole thing. Although Gadaffi wanted to trade in gold dinars, has a fresh water supply in the form of a manmade river, and lots of oil to boot, I can't support someone like him that turns its guns on its own people just because the people dissent their leaders' agendas. I also can't support the rebels either because they've made a Faustian deal with the Devil. If you had a resource they want, they'll be more than happy to jump in and help you to get it in return for the aforementioned resources. However, if you're like Bahrain, are close friends with another nation, and don't have any resources they can take from you, then all I can say is "sucks to be you". If it wasn't for NATO, the rebels would've lost for real, but why couldn't they have found help from someone that didn't have a hidden agenda in the disguise of "humanitarian aid"? It's a Libyan "CIVIL" War. It's a war that takes place INSIDE a nation, just like the American Civil War of the 1860s. It's "Libyans vs. Libyans", it's a conflict that only they can resolve, one that we shouldn't be a part of, so why is NATO and the UN treating it as a world war and sticking its nose where it doesn't belong? If "Al-Qaeda" is a part of the rebels, why are we helping them when we've been throwing our money away for years in other countries trying to eliminate them? It doesn't make sense.
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@Netsbridge (3242)
• United States
8 Jul 11
The absurd war in Libya is the result of several factors: 1). Libya has good quality oil and its leader Muammar Gaddafi has always managed his national affairs and has never bowed to bullies and imperialists. 2). When Gaddafi recently decided trading in his nation and continent in US dollar and the euro had very negative impact for his nation, he informed Western nations he will campaign in Africa to repudiate both the dollar and the euro as trading currencies in Africa. And this, was too much smartness our noted-world bullies who are constantly touting horns about democracy could take! You are right that Al Qaeda was created and trained by the US. I think it is funny how developed nations create and sponsor entities to fight for them and instigate situations, and as long as these entities are complying with whims of their founders, they are alright. But when these same entities start fighting for their own cause that contradicts those of founders, then the entities suddenly become evil. As per UN and NATO: The UN is merely a peacekeeping organization and should never be allowed by any sovereign nation to fancy itself as anything else. NATO on the other hand comprises bunch of Western rogues who assume they can do as please by suppressing, oppressing and dictating to us decent people allover Planet Earth. NATO is made up of neighborhood bullies who assume we are all cowards. And like the Gatlin boys in Kenny Rogers' "The Coward of the County," NATO forgets that the cowards may just be the product of its unimaginative fancy: For "ev'ryone considered him the coward of the county ... (but) sometimes you gotta fight when you're man."
• United States
9 Jul 11
The neighborhood bully Gatlin NATO boys thought we were all defenseless cowards … But just like Tommy, he let ‘em have it all … Not a NATO Gatlin boy was standing … For ev’ryone considered him the coward of the county.
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
2 Jul 11
al-Qaeda is not a CIA manifestation. They are however, sticking their noses in where it does not belong. It is as you say a "Civil war". However, it is being made worse by others getting involved. If anyone wanted to help all they needed to do was take out Gaddafi. We are supposed to have "Special Forces" capable of doing such. They do not seem to be successful lately. Hussein Obamination seems more interested in promulgating the advancement of the Islamic Brotherhood in the arabic countries more than anything else. He is doing everything he can to make it easy for them to take over country after country. This is of course the Brotherhoods objective...World domination.