The most expensive thing found in a trip?

Hong Kong
July 2, 2011 1:51pm CST
Hi guys! I don't know whether you guys have any experience picking up something expensive on a train or when you are travelling. But for me, when I was studying in Scotland, my classmates and I decided to go to the other parts of the United Kingdom during a long weekend. When we were travlling on a Bristish Railway train, I went to the toilet of train. I opened the door, and suddenly I noticed that there was something white in color "standing" on the ground. Guess what? It was a Macbook Air which worths around $1500 US dollars!! I had my mouth opened when I saw that, not because it was the most expensive thing that I have ever found on the floor in my life. The point was that I understood some people may want to make use of their time when sitting on the toilet to do something meaningful, but how come they could put such an expensive laptop on the toilet floor???? Didn't they think that the toilet is dirty and it is unhygienic to do so???? And how could he or she forget to take it after washing their hands???? Well, talking back to "the past me" in the toilet, worrying that I might accidentally step on the Macbook Air when I was faltering, I absolutely didn't know what to do. To be honest, I wanted to have a Macbook Air for long as it is so cool. But I did not pick it up. I washed my hands, opened the door and decided to go (at the same time, saying goodbye to the Macbook Air in heart, hoping that it will find its owner soon = =). A man standing outside the toilet scared me. He looke a little bit worried but later on smiled when he saw the white thing on the ground. He is probably the owner of the Macbook Air. Actually I found it relieved because I did not pick up the Macbook Air. It would be very embarrassing if I picked it up and met the owner when I opened the door. He might misunderstand that I want to "steal" it and I might be in trouble. But this is absolutely a very special experience for me. So for you guys, did you find something very expensive or special during your journey? What did you do to that item? Did you take it with you? SHARE!
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@sanjay91422 (2728)
• India
2 Jul 11
I never found such expensive thing on a trip. I lived in a hostel from the childhood and we always shared the things with the friends. If you ask me then I will say that once I found a cell phone of somebody and I guessed the owner by myself and returned it to him. It was not a trip but a construction site. Thanks.
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
2 Jul 11
I found a fifty dollar Australian note on a toilet floor in a wild like beach south of Sydney. Somewhere up the Queensland Coast I found a Swatch. It lasted until New Year and then one of the hands fell off it. I wonder who would leave an expensive laptop on the floor of a toilet. In Greece I found a purse and handed it to the police station on the island. I found a lost dog and took him to my local police station. Happily his owner got re-united with that lovely dog.