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July 3, 2011 12:38am CST
So I am new to skype. Actually I dont use it or plan on using it much, I am just curious about it since I had to do something for my sister on it. Does the file sharing always go slow and is it possible to accelerate it, maybe with a premium membership? Or should I just stick to an ordinary file transfer service online? Also, what all does skype enable you to do besides make calls? As I am not into finding out for myself. Maybe someone can give me a quick rundown of it. That would be much appreciated.
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5 Jul 11
Skype is just cool and popular program many people use to have calls, video calls, transfer files, and etc. It's similar to MSN and Yahoo Messenger, but it's more popular and more of the newer generations use it. I personally think it's a great program but it can lag my computer quite a bit because it uses a lot of memory. If you are using Skype for just file transferring, you are using the wrong program.
@TeamCholent (2843)
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3 Jul 11
The file transfer depends on how quickly the other side accepts the new files(it won't start till they accept). It also depends on things like your internet speed. Having a premium package should make no difference as that is used for calling discounts to various countries etc.