Do you let your cavy roam around the house?

United States
July 3, 2011 8:46am CST
We have two adorable guinea pigs that I love like my children. One is long haired and very calm and the other is short haired and likes to roam. I let him out of his cage at least 2 to 3 times a week and roam around the den. We have tile so any accidental bomb droppings are easy to find and clean up. However, my daughter has him trained quite well and this rarely happens. When he is finished roaming around and sniffing everything he will go back over to his cage and crawl up the door and go back in all by himself. Do you let your guinea pig roam around? What else do you let your piggie do that others wrinkle their noses at?
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• Netherlands
3 Jul 11
When I started living on my own, the first thing I bought was 2 guinnea pigs. I always loved them but due to astma and allergy this was not possible at my parents home. Those two were my best friends. I got a long haired and a short haired (Rambo) and Rambo was really a real cuddle bear. He used to sit in my neck while I was watching tv and even slept their when I did not move enough. The guinnea pigs walked freely in the house and when I went out they had a part of the room, which I enclosed with wood, where they could roam. I built them houses of lego and changed them every week. They are really curious animals and you could hear them enjoy it every time. Gosh, while typing, I really miss those two!