Instinct and Intution

July 3, 2011 11:06pm CST
I found a lot of persons confused about instinct and intuition and misusing the two terms interchangeably. Therefore, I wish my readers to discuss this matter for a clear conception. Instinct is an attribute of the personality inherited naturally, needing no education of training. Desires for survival and procreation are basic instincts in all forms of life. Humanity has developed more instincts through continued education and practices of many a generations. Curiosity, analyzing information stored in memory and making use of it whenever needed are two such instincts of human-beings. Intuition is the attribute earned by the person through education, training and experiences in the lifetime. Working skills, knack of problem-solving, etc are some intuitions. Needless to say, intuitions vary greatly in different persons.
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• Canada
4 Jul 11
these two words are pretty distinct in their meanings. You're right, instinct is something that comes naturally. it's something you just do, because it's hard wired into your brain. You are born with it, but sometimes you can make something an "instinct". For example, you practice dribbling a basketball. at first, you might not be very good and constantly lose the ball. But eventually, if you practice enough, it will become second nature and you won't need to think about it at all. that is instinct. intuition is exactly what you said it is, something you learn from studies. you attain it over many years, and it builds up in your head. Intuition can be called on any time in your life, while instinct is used only in certain situations. that's how i see instinct and intuition.
• India
4 Jul 11
The practice involved in dribbling a basketball means that you are gaining mastery through intuition. It shall never be called an instinct. Please reconsider your view. Thanks for the intellectual response.