Why Transformers' movie was a big success?

@meipan (746)
July 4, 2011 12:24am CST
In cybertron, autobbots like Optimus Prime were Gods but in our world they were only machines that help people to make the world better. We need their help, it's true but it doesn't mean that they're the only one who will save the Earth... All the characters in Transformers 3 had a big part. It shows that even though we have autobots we need to be united to fight evils. Though military have a pride and don't want civilian or a messenger to be involve in saving Earth, they showed us how dedicated they were in their profession. That's why officer in other countries have respect because on how movies portray to them unlike here in our country, the military or police always come late or became useless without superheroes, worst was they were villains who were untrusted and corrupt. I hope.. we can build the image of police here in our country too by means of movies.... Unlike others stories all people depend on their super heroes to come and save them but in Transformers they showed us how an ordinary people with only guns and guts killed those evil robots or God. Strategies were truly impressive and fight scenes were absolutely amazing. Even the girl with sophisticated character used her words to turn the table on her side. And those two robots that I thought were useless or extra baggage in the movie (for comedy purposes) were the reason why Bumblebee still alive. Isn't it cool? It really shows that everybody can be a hero. Anyway, I also like the humors they added in a serious situation. And Bumblebee was really cool. I wish, I have my own Bumblebee.... 3D in America really rocks! I hope, someday, sooner or later.. we have a good 3D animation like that...
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